The present rules and regulations regarding boat and jet skis are kept in kiosks located in the following places:

  • North (Fisherman's Public) Boat Launch
  • Front of PJs
  • South Side Boat Launch(s)
  • Information is also available at Holland Police Station

Members should not only observe all boating safety rules but also help remind others.  Anyone noting violations is encouraged to telephone the Holland Police Department (413) 245-0117 with the make and model of the boat along with the registration if possible.


Why do you need to put your street address on your DOCKS?

  • Safety - to ID the lake front location in case of accident, injury or emergency on the lake

  • For dock identification -in the event we have another flood like we did in October 2005 and docks float away.

  • To help locate weed treatment areas.

  • It’s the law.

Please stay off the Lake when it's a Treatment day and follow the restrictions on the WARNING signs posted around Hamilton Reservoir.

Guide for Selected Invasive Weeds in MASS.


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