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It was noted that 57 members were in attendance at the August 23rd meeting. Our membership is down from 180 in 2002 to 120 members this year.

A decision was made to reestablish our membership committee. Chris McCooe and Gayle Neff agreed to co-chair this very important committee. Members came forward to work with them as a team. It is not important that members attend the two meetings each summer. What is important is the number of members we represent when we speak as a group to the town.

Elections were held and the following is a list of officers.

Lynn Arnold - President
Tom Sargent - Treasurer
Carol Rodrigues - Secretary
Ed Hughes - Safety
Chris McCooe - Co-Chair of Membership Committee and V.P. of Environment
Gayle Neff - Newsletter Editor and Co-Chair of Membership Committee

Thanks to Barney Brooks for all of his work repairing the kiosks. Brochures are now back in the kiosks. A discussion was held regarding the increased presence of the police boat on the north lake with plans being finalized for an increase in coverage for the south lake next year. The police chief is currently applying for a grant to purchase a jet ski to patrol the south lake.

A special thanks to Jesse Goldbaum for his north lake patrol. He reported on the number of calls he received and issues that have arisen. Jesse has sold his home and the north side of the lake will need a new Harbor Master for 2004. If you have any interest, please call Police Chief Kevin Gleason.

Monies were budgeted by the town for testing to confirm the quality of the water for swimming. Anyone/everyone concerned about testing the lake (or lack of it) should call Sally Blaise directly at the Town Hall Board of Health and request the results.

Because of the interest expressed by the HRA membership, the Executive Committee approached Lee Lyman of Lycott Engineering. He has agreed to test the wells of residents next spring at our June meeting. More details will be in the spring newsletter.

Lynn Arnold is looking into HRA selling lake wear again. Hopefully this will start next spring.

HRA accounts currently total $24,860.

A recommendation was made by the HRA, to the town of Holland, that our draw down happens the first Saturday of October each year. This was recommended after intense discussion. Our group also asked the town to put this information on the local cable channel and post it in the town. HRA agreed to put the same info on their web site. After the meeting the HRA and Conservation Commission received notification from the Town of Union that the draw down of Mashapaug would begin around September 15 and would continue until the lake was down 36 inches. Since that water flows through Hamilton Reservoir, our let down will not start until approximately October 11, 2003. The lake recedes approximately 2 inches per day until we are down the full 24 inches.

This past June, Lee Lyman treated for Milfoil and in mid-summer treated again for that as well as for lily pads, water shield and Valisneria (celery grass). Because the rain and wind was a problem the first time there were complaints. The 2nd time was free because they guarantee the work. The state is still not allowing anyone to use the preferred treatment for Watershield. Lee indicated that he is hopeful they will allow the preferred treatment next year. We will put a map of the lake in our spring newsletter so people can circle areas that they feel need more attention for seeding. That can be faxed to our V.P. of Environment, Chris McCooe.

We will put our web site address in the newsletter and ask people to e-mail any questions they may have. The e-mail should list HRA question in the subject line so our committees will recognize it as something needing a response and not spam.


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