Chief Haapakowski assured the members of the Hamilton Reservoir Association that there would be a police presence on the lake this summer. Sergeant Farraher is in charge of the boat patrol and was receptive to member's ongoing problems. Currently the police department consists of a full time chief and ten officers. There are usually two officers on duty at any time.

The town has agreed to finish the ramp on the south lake this fall. Sandy Beach Road is the extra road to be chip sealed this summer. A street sweeper was rented to clean the sand collected over the summer off the major roads. It was announced that a street sweeper will be purchased for a more extensive cleaning of sand on the roads. Our lake water was tested in June and will be tested again this fall. Results have been posted at the town hall and the market. More information on all these issues at the August meeting. The executive committee is working with the town to coordinate the draw down and there will be an update at the meeting.

The executive committee and the association need your help. It's a huge job keeping everything running smoothly and help is needed. If a group of volunteers would be willing to take on small parts of projects it would make the load lighter for all. We need people willing to attend town meetings as representatives of the HRA, help with the newsletter, work on the web site, go to COLAP meetings, make telephone calls, review and report back on interesting and pertinent web sites, and be willing to do some of the numerous errands necessary.

The membership and Executive Committee would like to thank our President Lynn Arnold for all the hard work she did this summer to enable the town in collaboration with the HRA to apply for a $300,000 grant. She made calls, spoke with the watershed leader for the lake and also numerous town board members. She also met with the chair of the finance department to finalize budget figures and did the financial analysis. After that she wrote the grant and followed up getting the necessary signatures to send it out on time. Marianne Martone assisted Lynn with this project. There will be additional information about the grant at the meeting. 

Bob McFadden has been voted in to the executive board as the membership chairperson. He will be meeting and greeting people this summer and encouraging newcomers to join the HRA. If you have new neighbors, please invite them to join our organization and be in touch with him.

We have sportswear available for order with the new HRA logo. We have short and long sleeve t-shirts; baseball caps, crewneck and pullover hooded sweatshirts, golf shirts and pullover wind shirts. They all come in many sizes and colors. An order form can be obtained at the August meeting. The logo is embroidered rather than iron-on for a more finished look.

Lee Lyman was a special guest and speaker at our June meeting. He spoke about the seeding of the lake, which was done in early June. During the meeting it was discovered that he couldn't go down to the Connecticut area of the south lake since the contract was with the town of Holland. The HRA voted to appropriate the money necessary to seed this area, as this is where the weeds are coming from and filtering throughout the lake. He agreed to work with the town of Union Connecticut to obtain the necessary permits to seed on that section of the lake. This area of the lake was seeded on July 11.

It was to a sell out crowd that Mr. Lyman explained the correct way to take a water sample from a well. All 40 bottles were then given out to members who went home filled them and returned the sample immediately. Mr. Lyman so graciously agreed to test the water that afternoon and results were sent to individual homeowners within days. He explained how wells can become contaminated and also gave suggestions on how to fix problems.

Mr. Lyman also explained how different types of lawn fertilizer work on our yards and what happens when the fertilizer gets into the water. He explained that certain types are better for lawns that abut water and the best types for our lake are phosphorus free fertilizers. After some investigation we learned that organic fertilizer that won't harm the lake is available locally. More information at the August meeting.

A safety subcommittee has been formed to meet with the Holland Police Chief Don Happakoski and Sgt. Cheryl Farraher. Meetings have been scheduled for Monday August 13 and Wednesday, September 15. The intent is to exchange ideas, improve communication and to demonstrate the desire of the HRA to be proactive in promoting safety on the lake. Any member who has a concern is invited to call a member of the committee. The committee members are Jim McKenna (413) 245-7811 or (860) 649-2790, Ed Hughes (413) 2450-0435 or (978) 443-8369 or Tony Scott at (413) 245-3254.
The first meeting of the committee was held July 11. During that meeting many issues were discussed. The boat launch ramp on Shore Drive on the South Lake is being used at unreasonable hours including very early (5:00 a.m.) and very late at night (11:30 p.m.) The police dept. asked for input from members living around the ramp and the HRA was asked to suggest reasonable hours for the ramp's use. The HRA can then go to the town with a proposal for suggested posted hours. The Holland Police Dept. spoke about the use of officers from the Department of Environmental Police who are also patrolling the lake at different hours. Chief Happakowski noted that numerous verbal warnings have been given to boaters and Jet Ski operators. The dept. has also spoken with parents about the unlawful use of Jet Ski's by underage operators. Notes of interest, a number of police dept. officers were recently certified to issue DEP citations. 
Sgt. Farraher is very interested in developing a Lake Watch group much the same as the cities do with the very successful Block Watch programs. The HRA members involved act as the eyes and ears of the police dept. and while they don't have any enforcement powers, are trained in what to look or and immediately report to the police. She will arrange for a presentation for the officers of the HRA and any other interested parties. Anyone interested in participating in the program of this nature is encouraged to contact any one on the safety subcommittee. Year round residents are especially encouraged to volunteer.

Did you pay your dues this year? Look at the label on your envelope. It lists at the top, the last year you paid your HRA dues. If you were one of the 38 people that paid twice, we thank you for your diligence but as you know we returned your second check. Please check your newsletter and you will know if you have paid for the year. We update the label before each mailing. If you haven't paid in the last three years we encourage you to join our organization for the wonderful fellowship and important information regarding the lake and your very expensive property investment. We do plan to limit future mailings to paid members.

An election of officers will be held for the coming year. If you are interested in learning more about the positions please see a member of the committee before the meeting.

This newsletter is dedicated to the memory of Jim Tufts
Who died on Monday, June 16, 2001. Jim has been the 
Treasurer of the Hamilton Reservoir Association for the
Past few years. He was an active and dedicated member
Of the Executive Committee. We give our sincere
Condolences to his wife Dianne and his family.

The next meeting will be held Saturday August 25 at 9:00 a.m. There will be a social gathering from 8:15 to 9:00 when members can meet each other. The Executive Committee will be on hand to answer any questions.