There were 57 members present for the meeting on May 30th. Our membership coordinator, Bob McFadden has resigned and we need someone to volunteer for that position. We have many who are interested in helping but we need a leader (preferably a town resident who can periodically check with the town hall on new residents). All positions will be up for re-election at the August meeting.

Bob McFadden who has done an excellent job as our membership coordinator and to
Hewett Lifts and Docks, owned by Tony and Terry Benedetto, for providing the excellent refreshments for our meeting.

The safety committee continues to meet with the harbormasters and the police dept. to review safety issues. The kiosks, which contain valuable safety info for boaters, are in disrepair. Volunteers are requested to help repair and maintain each kiosk. If five people were to volunteer, each would be responsible for only one kiosk.

V.P. of Environment, Chris McCooe has attended a few Colap meetings and found some interesting information which she will share with the board. Chris also asked if there was anyone willing to help with an "I Dig the Lake" project for this fall. Some discussion followed but no decision was made. There were some concerns expressed about our late draw down, impeding our ability to clean our frontage. Many homeowners leave the area before the draw down occurs and return after the lake is full again.

Lycott did the seeding for milfoil on June 4th. He will come back in July to seed for fragmittis and water shield. A reminder to all: " do not feed the geese". Questions about environment friendly fertilizer were also discussed. The membership would like information on well testing next spring and septic cleaning in the fall of 2003, if that can be arranged.

Our Police Chief, Kevin Gleason spoke. He has received grant money which he has used to purchase a boat to patrol the lake. There will not be a jet-ski patrol this year. With this money and the Holland budgeted money, he plans to patrol up to 16 hours each weekend.
He also has community policing money from a grant, which will be used. He has hired 2 part time reserve officers to patrol and plans to hire 2 more. More patrol time will be spent on the north lake because of the public access. Jessie Goldbaum and Dora Metrelis have been appointed Harbor Masters for this year. The Chief noted that the local Holland Police Dept. answered 97% of the calls to 911 this year. Due to the increased need for the state police to cover terrorism issues the local police have had to pick up most of the calls. He also brought our attention to the new law in effect, which is, "no alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on any boat".

The next meeting will be held on August 23, from 9-10:30 a.m. Coffee and conversation will start at 8:30 a.m. That meeting will be held at Holland Elementary School on Sturbridge Road. All are invited.

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posted: June 22, 2003