Members of the ski club met with the executive committee in March to discuss issues surrounding both associations. This was a very informative meeting and both groups worked closely compromising on many issues for the good of both the lake property owners and the members of the ski club. The agreement was to leave the jump on the South Lake but move it to a more appropriate spot closer to the causeway in the widest area of the lake. The jump is very difficult to move over the road and the area where it had been put in the water on the North Lake has now been fenced in. The ski club is in the process of raising money for a new jump, which would be more portable and could then possibly be moved every other year. The officers of the HRA will remain in close contact with the board of the ski club over the summer to work out problems as they occur. If problems continue the ski club agreed to try and alternate the jump yearly from the south to the north side of the lake.

This group meets Saturday mornings from 9 - 11 just across the causeway on the south lake. This group is open to anyone interested in the sport of water skiing and their aim is to promote water skiing for the youth of the lake. Children from age five years to adult are invited to be part of this exciting group. Adults are also needed to supervise and work with the youth. Adults are also needed to drive or spot in boats. The first meeting will be held May 19 at the causeway at 9 a.m. A ski show is planned for August 25 and all are invited to watch. (rain date Aug. 26) For more information contact Bob Bellerive at bobsmalibu@aol.com.

Twice over the winter members of the executive board met to address concerns and work out issues. We are awaiting information from the selectmen regarding a planned lake committee, which would monitor and oversee all issues regarding the lake.

This act is now in effect making it necessary for the town in test the lake water weekly and post the results for the public. We are also awaiting information from the selectmen on who will be monitoring the water and how results will be distributed to townspeople. Information should be available at our June meeting.

Seeding for weeds is usually done the first week of June. Lee Lyman of Lycott Engineering assures us that everything is on target. The town has signed a contract and plans are in the works. Further information at the June meeting.

We welcome Bob McFadden as chairperson of the membership committee. Please try to help him by giving him names of new property owners and inviting them to the HRA meeting. Bob has plans to contact new homeowners. If you are willing to help contact people in your area please contact him at bobbymacwia@aol.com.

Just a reminder, we now have a post office box at the town hall in Holland. Our new address is P.O. Box 17, Holland, MA 01521.

We would like to welcome the new Chief of Police to our June meeting as a special guest. He will speak to us about lake and road safety. (check with Jim about if he'll be there) 

It is with great excitement that the executive committee of the Hamilton Reservoir offer this special program for all lake residents. Mr. Lee Lyman of Lycott Engineering will be present at our June 2 meeting at 10 a.m. to speak to the members on how to get a water sample from your well. Sterile bottles will be given to all who request them. You can then go home following the meeting and get a sample of your water. Bring the bottle back immediately with a check and Lee will test your water that afternoon. Results will be sent to each homeowner. The cost is $25.00 for a basic water test including chloroform and bacteria. A 13 test panel for a more in depth testing should be done about every five years and costs $80.00. Please bring your check addressed to Lycott Engineering when you return your bottle.