Treasurer Tom Sargent reported that we had 134 paid memberships for 2005 prior to the HRA meeting June 4, 2005. Additionally, to date $375.00 has been donated to the “Save the Lake” effort.

HRA President, Chris McCooe, made an appeal for new members. Information packets including membership forms were available at the meeting so that HRA members could distribute them in their neighborhoods. Dave Sears volunteered to act as the new membership committee chairman. Thank you, Dave.

Thanks to Steve Anderson and Marti Tabb for volunteering to attend COLAP (Congress of Lakes and Ponds) meetings. They will bring back information for HRA newsletter that will be useful in maintaining our lake.

TOWN OF HOLLAND - Selectman, Earl Johnson, attended the meeting and reported that the police patrol on the North section of the lake is still funded for the coming season. A jet ski is available for use on South basin.

He said that there was some confusion this year regarding property tax bills. Due to a US Post Service error, the first mailing was not delivered correctly making a second one necessary.

Mr. Johnson reported that catch basins are currently being cleaned and that street sweeping is also underway to try to minimize the amount of runoff (including sand) entering the lake.

He was asked about the possible problem created when summer residences are turned into year round homes. On such small lots, could the septic systems be adequate? Selectman Johnson said that these systems are updated and inspected when permits are granted for renovation and as part of Title V regulations when properties are sold. He said the town works very hard to keep up with changes but can’t be everywhere at once. Please notify his office if you see work being done without permits.

LAKE TESTING - The Holland Board of Health will be testing lake water for bacteria again this summer. Testing will be performed at several locations (on both lakes) and the Board has the authority to shut down lake use if counts are not within safe limits.

LAKE OVERSIGHT - The Lake Oversight Committee was approved at the town meeting in May. This committee will coordinate the efforts of town boards, residents and HRA members to maintain and restore Hamilton Reservoir. The committee will look into available lake related grants. A listing is being compiled to include available grants and their deadlines so that requests for funds can be prepared in time for filing. Currently, the committee is trying to obtain a grant to pay for professional engineering services for lake restoration. A suggestion was made to talk to engineering schools like WPI and UMass Amherst to see if their students could take on this project as a part of their education.

Monthly meetings of the Lake Oversight Committee are open to anyone and can give a voice to any Holland property owner, including non-residents. A representative from the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission will be at the July 14th meeting at 7:00 PM at the town hall.

COLAP (MA Chapter of Lake and Ponds)

Steve Anderson, Marti Tabb and Chris McCooe attended the June 18, 2005 meeting in Worcester. Information gathered included following tips on Safe and Simple lawn care – compliments of Jackson Madnick.

1. Cut your grass with a sharp mower blade – sharpening the blade is necessary once a year

2. Set your blade at 3 inches high – 1 inch high grass has 2-3 inch roots and water blows by quickly and torments the grass. 3 inch grass creates 14 inch roots and requires you to never water your lawn. Every drop of occasional rain and morning mist is captured in the deep roots.

3. Leave the grass clippings to fertilize and act as mulch to hold water. If you take away the clippings you deplete your lawn of minerals, natural fertilizer and mulch to hold in moisture.

4. Top spread ¼ inch of free compost in the spring and fall or just in the fall. Save money, save water, and protect your health and the health of your pond or lake.

A panel discussion focused on various fund raising ideas. Many associations in our area are fund raising in order to help fund lake maintenance programs. With the many budget cuts in state and town governments, we must find ways to keep our lakes safe and healthy.

A Septic Product that could go a long way in maintaining your system – Organica Cesspool/Septic Treatment (or similar treatments) down your drain once a month seems to be effective. Organica contains a concentration of naturally occurring microbes. More information on this product can be found online at www.realgoods.com – Search - Product Item # 06-0224 - Description is Natural Septic Maintenance.


The Town will pay to seed the lake for Milfoil and has allocated an additional $6900 to treat the lake for Water Shield (the plants that resemble water lilies) for the next two years. The HRA Executive Board has been authorized to spend funds for Milfoil treatment in the Union section of the lake as well as $4200 for Phragmities (Reed Grass) and Vallisneria (Wild Celery) weed applications. The Milfoil seeding took place on June 21, 2005. The Water Shield treatment is scheduled for mid July – watch for posted information around town.

When treating the Water Shield on the lake for with 2-4D it is important to keep boating use to a minimum that day because the 2-4D must remain on the leaves of the weed to be effective. Lycott guarantees his work and will re-treat problem areas if necessary. The Town is working with Lycott to consider alternative methods to treat the water shield.

Keep watch for the following weed(s) on your waterfront and around the lake. See the illustration below: Contact cmccooe@curtis1000.com (be sure to include HRA in the subject line of your email) with the location and/or bring the samples to the Weed Watch training – date to be announced.

Phragmities (Common Weed) Vallisneria (Wildcelery)


BIG Thanks to HRA members that signed up for Weed Watch and Boat Monitoring training. Training date will be scheduled for mid or end of July. Chris McCooe will contact volunteers by phone. Please email cmccooe@curtis1000.com with your email addresses - use HRA in subject line of email.


A fund raising committee was formed at our last meeting. Again BIG THANKS to you all. The HRA has decided to organize and have benefit events through out the year in order to raise funds for Lake Maintenance. Bev Aube, the chairperson and co-chairs John Hanson and Dave Sears have started the ball rolling. The group members can be contacted by phone for upcoming tickets for the following events.

The following events have been agreed upon for 2005. We need everyone to participate, ask your family, friends, and associates. Even if you cannot attend– please take the time to sell tickets and get involved.

August 6th Pig Roast Dinner – Southbridge Polish Club – Great Menu, Music, Raffles
3-9 pm – Dinner at 4 pm. Donation: Adults $15.00, Children age 6-10 - $6.00

Sept. 11th Poker Run (Motorcycle Ride) – 11 am Ride starts at PJs, Holland. Rain or Shine.
Meal - 4 pm back at PJs. - Donation $15.00/person - “Best Hand” wins $100.00

Fund Raising Committee is inviting all HRA members to sell tickets. Contact any of the people below for tickets. All proceeds go to “Save the Lake Maintenance Fund”

Bev Aube 413 245 0194 John Hanson 508 341 1337 Dave Sears 413 245 0903
Sharron Gilles 508 868 7069 Ann Gagnon 413 245 4995 Pat Mumper 413 245 7209
Jackie Proko 413 245 7035 Marti Tabb 413 245 4128 Kari Moorhouse 413 245 0992
Jim McKenna 860 449 2790 Chris Salameh 413 245 9035 Robbin Scott 413 245 3254


Don’t forget “Old Home Day” at Holland Town Hall – July 23, 2005. The HRA will participate. If you interested in helping at the HRA membership table, please contact Dave Sears or Chris McCooe – see above for telephone numbers.

Suggested Reading Material - Massachusetts Buffer Manual – Using Vegetated Buffers to Protect our Lakes and Rivers is available at the Holland Library. This is a very helpful manual provided by Mass DCR.

Judy Testa, a south basin resident is an EMT. She has volunteered to be available in emergency situations on the lake. Call 911 first, then look for Judy at 35 Shore Drive - phone 203/804-3700. Thanks, Judy.

Golf shirts will be purchased to identify harbor masters, weed watchers and boat launch monitors. Look for them wearing bright royal blue.

Keep in mind - Joe Testa and Lou Aube, our Lake Patrol on the South Basin. Remember to report any law breaking incidents and disturbances to the Holland Police.

And don’t feed the geese!

The next meeting of the Hamilton Reservoir Association is August 27, 2005. 8:30 social - 9 AM meeting at Holland Elementary School. Bring your friends and neighbors. Let’s keep the momentum going.

2005 HRA Membership Form

If you would like to advertise on the HRA Web Site or in the newsletter,
please contact Chris @ Voice Mail: 800 332 0444 ext. 3160

Holland Police - General - Tel. 413-245-0117
Emergency or to report a crime
Dial 911 or 413-245-7222

Holland Town Hall
State Representative - Reed Hillman
Room 156 - State House
Boston, MA 02133 Tel. 617-722-2256
Holland Town Barn
State Senator Stephen Brewer
Room 109 B - State House
Boston, MA 02133
Tel. 617-722-1540
Dept. of Environmental Protection
Western Region
436 Dwight Street
Springfield, MA 01103
Tel. 413-784-1100

Hotline for DEP 617-338-2255 or 1-800-462-0444 - Dep.infoline@state.ma.us


PO Box 17, Holland, MA 01521


posted: June 27, 2005